Safe-Keeping Self Storage Tips

  • Have blankets, draperies, and clothing cleaned and ready to be packed or hanged in your wardrobe box.
  • When storing lawn mowers or other items with small engines, drain all gasoline and oil – safety!
  • Utilize your trash cans to store hoes, rakes, and other oddly shaped items.
  • Break down items such as dining tables and large sectional furniture to save space.
  • Don’t over-pack boxes – they can rupture and they can tumble or crush if stacked.
  • Heat-sensitive goods, such as photographs, wood furniture and video tapes, should be stored in a climate controlled environment.
Safe-Keeping offers a variety of storage sizes – just ask one of our managers for more helpful tips to find the perfect storage size for you!

Storing Your Vehicle Long Term

If you have decided to place a car, truck, or van into storage, it is recommended to take some necessary precautions to make sure it is kept in good shape for when you want to use it again. Clean the Vehicle The first and main thing you should do is thoroughly clean...

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Artificial Christmas Tree Storage

Are you actually able to put that artificial tree back into its box in factory condition packaging? If you can, then you’re a genius and your intellect is being wasted on repacking artificial trees. For the rest of us, there are simpler less demoralizing ways to keep...

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Storing Christmas Lights

You’ve finally dug out that box of Christmas decorations that have been out of your thoughts for a whole year. Upon opening the box you find your string lights are intertwined and wrapped around your ornaments! To save yourself some grief and keep that holiday cheer,...

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Storing a Musical Instrument

From the seasoned music professional to the weekend hobbyist, musical gear and instruments can take up a lot of space in your home. If you have decided to place some of these items
into storage, here are some general tips.

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Storing Wood Furniture

Whether you’re waiting to move into a bigger place, or just can’t find a spot for that coffee table, you often need to store those big bulky items such as wooden furniture into a storage unit. To make sure your furniture stays in quality condition, here are a few helpful tips.

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