Whether you’re waiting to move into a bigger place, or just can’t find a spot for that coffee table, you often need to store those big bulky items such as wooden furniture. To make sure your furniture stays in quality condition, here are a few helpful tips.

To prevent furniture from scratches or fading, cover it with bedsheets or blankets. People often use plastic to cover wood, but this can trap moisture and cause rot and swelling. With furniture that has leather or fabric, the moisture that plastic traps can produce mold. The best part of using cloth material such as bed sheets is that they don’t trap moisture, keeping your furniture dry.

Some furniture have detachable components and can even be folded in. Making these bulky items more compact saves room and makes it easier to wrap. Any fasteners that were used
(screws, bolts, nuts) should be put in a plastic bag and taped to the furniture they belong to.

Once your furniture is in storage, avoid stacking anything heavy on top. These objects can scratch and scrape wood and may cause the wood to bow. It takes time and money to accumulate your household effects, so don’t let it go to waste. Following these short steps can prolong the life of your wooden furniture.

Image by Hiart (Own work) [CC0], via Wikimedia Commons