Some of the most common yet fragile items placed into storage units are dishes. To help you accomplish this, here are some tips on how to safely store your dishes.

To begin you will need not only sturdy bins, boxes or crates, but also plenty of padding. This can be crumbled up newspaper, bubble wrap, packing peanuts, plastic
grocery bags, old (clean) rags, etc.

As always, we recommend avoiding storing anything in standard cardboard boxes because they are often too worn and flimsy. Instead we suggest storing your dishes in professional quality dish barrels, wooden crates, or at least heavy duty boxes with dual layered cardboard.

The general goal when packing your dishes is to have each piece individually wrapped and placed into a well padded container. Before placing dishes into the crate, be sure to add a layer of padding to the bottom. Then, place the larger and heavier items in first. You will want to separate each of your boxes into layers to prevent the dishes from touching, and containers such as dish barrels are designed in that way. You can also make your own layers by cutting out stiff cardboard pieces and placing them on top of the bottom layer of dishes. Take care to not fill the box all the way to the top with dishes because you will want to add a layer of padding to this area as well. Now, stuff any empty spaces in the box with padding before sealing it up.

As you pack each box, you should label them appropriately and legibly. It is also a good idea to keep track of the weight of each container of dishes, so that you do not make one so heavy that you can’t place it into the storage unit or take it out in the future. Finally, when placing the boxes of dishes into the unit, place the largest
towards the back so that you can access other items more easily.

Following these basic guidelines will help to keep your dishes protected for use in the future.