Cleaning and preparing your large appliances for storage can seem like a daunting task.

Luckily, we have some easy steps to follow for your most common devices.


1. Remove all food. Unplug the fridge and allow it to defrost for up to 48 hours. You can speed up the process by scraping off any ice.

2. Remove the evaporator pan (drain pan underneath the fridge.) Clean and allow to dry. With units that have water or ice dispensers, drain the water tank and disconnect the hoses or pipes.

3. Remove any shelves or drawers and clean them with warm water and soap to remove any food. Clean the interior walls as well. Allow the fridge to air dry then wipe down any remaining moisture with a towel. This is a necessary step to prevent any mold.

4. Place a spacer between the door then tape it shut. This allows air to circulate through to prevent any mildew.

5. For added safety you can wrap the fridge in blankets before transporting it with a dolly. It’s important to keep it upright as you move the fridge.

6. Once in storage, keep the fridge upright. Prop doors open to keep circulation.

Washers and Dishwashers

1. Instead of detergent, use bleach or white vinegar to run a final cycle on your washer and dishwasher. Once cycle is complete, unplug the device and disconnect the hoses to drain any remaining water.

2. Leave door fixed open, letting it dry for at least a day. Afterwards wipe down the inside of the washer and around the rubber seal with a towel.

3. Cover ends of hoses with towels. Place inside of washer, keeping all components together during transportation.

4. Tape doors shut then wrap in blankets. Transport with dolly. Once in storage remove tape and leave doors open for air circulation to avoid mildew.


1. Unplug and disconnect dryer before cleaning. If there is a gas connection, it’s recommended to contact a professional to safely remove and secure gas lines.

2. Vacuum any lint or debris from lint tray. This might require unscrewing and disassembling for a thorough cleaning. Wipe down with a towel. Spool electrical cords and tape to drier.

3. Wrap with blankets then dolly to transport.

Oven and Stovetop

1. Unplug and disconnect before cleaning. If there is a gas connection, it’s recommended to contact a professional to safely remove and secure gas lines.

2. Remove grates and racks in order to clean them and the walls effectively. Use warm soap water or in combination with a grill degreaser to clean all grease and food.

3. Tape grates, coils, knobs, electrical cords, and door for secure transport. Wrap in blankets and use a dolly for transport.


There you have it. Some basic steps to help ease your overall moving and storage experience.


Image by Kristen Wheatley from Auburn, USA (16-laundry) [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons