Some of us create art, while others collect. Either way, keeping your personal gallery in the same condition as day one is a priority. Here’s some advice when storing your personal art collection.

First, clean your art work with a microfiber cloth to remove any particles or dust. Use a wood or metal polish to avoid any scuffing or rust. This will act as a protective layer against any rust damage, or dust settling into the piece.

To keep pieces from touching each other or anything else, use crescent board. This is an acidfree material that won’t dye or age canvas and print. This material is used by professionals when transporting and allows them to breathe, avoiding any moisture build up. It’s not recommended to use saran wrap for securing art pieces.

Once in storage, it’s important to keep any canvas or framed work vertical, not face down or on their backs. If space is accommodating, you can hang your art by S hooks on any improvised wall you might have made such as a section of chainlink or room dividers. Careful that the pieces are not too heavy as to tip over these walls.

Whether it’s for pondering, auctioned, or just to be admired, your art should be ready for display at a moments notice.