Whether you own your own business, or just have stacks of important and sensitive documents collected over the years, storing these items in a storage unit can be a wise choice. Here are some helpful tips to do just that.

First off, we recommend storing your documents in sturdy bins as opposed to flimsy cardboard boxes. You should fill each bin to the top, and add filler material if necessary. However, do not use newspaper as filler as the ink print can rub off onto your important documents.

Secondly, it is very important to accurately label each bin of documents. On top of that, we recommend that you create a numbering system that you can put into a spreadsheet for future reference. This will prevent you from having to dig through several bins months down the road looking for one particular file. The more time you spend organizing your documents prior to storing them, the more time you will save in
the future.

We recommend to keep the weight of each bin of documents under 50 pounds, so that they can be moved around easily. As you place the boxed documents into your storage unit, place the older files to the back of the bin and keep the more recent files to the front as you are more likely to have to access these newer documents.

Lastly, take care to not share the key or security code to your unit with anyone not authorized to access your important documents. You may choose to go a step further and keep your documents in a locked filing cabinet inside your storage unit.

Using these tips to store your important business documents will help to keep them in good shape for when you need them.